Our Community

“Thanks for your continued commitment to youth soccer, Mark Hanna and Directors Mortgage! You were a pioneer with the support you have been giving kids all over the region.”


It’s the hospital where you welcomed the newest member of your family, and the freshly painted nursery at home. It’s the neighbors who pitch in to help during your first few weeks at home with the baby, and the teachers who will help him learn and grow throughout his childhood. It’s the soccer field where your daughter scored her first goal, and the senior center where your dad swims every Tuesday.

It’s your community—the people and organizations that make the place you live feel like home.

At Directors Mortgage, we’re more than a team of dedicated mortgage professionals; we’re also your neighbors. As members of the communities we serve, Directors Mortgage team members distinguish themselves with their professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness and confidence.

We like to go the extra mile when it comes to community involvement.

What We Stand For

DMCares stands behind three keywords: Health. Education. Activity. But we don’t just say these words; we truly believe in and act on them. It’s why we exist.

DMCares’ ultimate goal is to inspire reciprocation in our communities. Our efforts to help raise awareness, create new opportunities and unite good people make a positive difference.


To live and promote healthy well-being is to promote vitality. Through health and well-being initiatives, increased awareness and prevention programs, DMCares is committed to ensuring that those who need an extra bit of help have the opportunity to lead a better life. 


To learn and educate is to promote knowledge by providing the tools to influence and grow with prosperity. We partner with mentorship programs, educational foundations, youth clubs and schools, because we are dedicated to learning and teaching the right knowledge, the right way.


To play, coach and help others compete is to promote ambition. Sports are in our blood, and DMCares stands together to give those who normally can’t participate in sports, the chance they deserve to play without worrying about affordability and/or access to functional facilities.

“As a locally owned company, we are proud to continually support our community.”

– Mark J. Hanna, President & CEO
NMLS – 91462

Our Promise

DMCares takes our company mission a step further through our actions with clients, team members and our community. Focused on you – always seeking ways to help our community focus on what’s important to them.  

As members of YOUR community, we

  • Shop at the same markets
  • Go to the same parks
  • Sit next to you in traffic
  • Share the same dentist
  • Go to the same parent-teacher conference nights
  • Share the nervous excitement about a first-time home purchase

Together, let’s spark a chain reaction. 



  • Ranked #2 in the Best Business To Work for in Oregon 2021
  • Rated A+ Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau since 1999
  • Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy List since 2011
  • Top Ranking on Corporate Philanthropy List since 2010
  • Top Ranking Residential Mortgage Lender since 2011
  • Portland Business Journal Top 25 Lender since 2009
  • Ranked 1st on 2010, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Corporate Philanthropy List
  • 2013, 2016 ACS Spirit of Hope Award Winner
  • One of the Fastest-Growing Private 100 Companies in 2012
  • 2007 BBB Customer Service of the Year Honors – Oregon & SW Washington