Michelle Nielsen

Sr. Mortgage Specialist  |  NMLS: 1426379  |  

Licensed in Arizona, California, Oregon & Washington


About Michelle Nielsen

Michelle is a Sr. Mortgage Specialist with 15+ years of sales experience in the mortgage, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries. When Michelle graduated college she dove head first into the lending world and never looked back. Starting as an assistant in a compliance shop and working in several positions within the industry, from marketing to underwriting, she gained experience from a variety of perspectives. When she began originating loans and working directly with clients, she knew she’d found her niche.  According to Michelle, “one of my biggest passions is for the people in my life, and originating loans allows me to indulge that passion. I love being able to guide my clients through a complicated and often stressful process.

I want the people I work with to feel like they can count on me as a resource throughout their lives, says Michelle. Michelle’s multifaceted experience in the industry has turned her into an exceptionally effective resource and client advocate. She has a comprehensive understanding of the lending process and has experienced first-hand many of the changes that have occurred over the years.”

Michelle was born and raised in the Portland area and is a mom to two wonderful children. When Michelle isn’t closing loans for clients, she stays active. Like most true-blue Oregonians, she loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking in the Gorge, Bend area, and on the Oregon Coast.


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