Meet the Team

Kari and David have over three decades of combined experience in the mortgage industry. This dynamo duo that makes up The Benshoof Team got their start in loan processing before they became loan originators. This gives them valuable insight from having worked every step of the loan process in detail. They are known for being proactive and upfront with clients regarding what is needed to ensure a smooth funding process.

The Benshoof Team takes pride in being available 24/7/365 to help their clients or real estate agents, even when one of the team members is on vacation or tied up with something else. They take the necessary time upfront to get everything for their clients in order. Their tireless dedication includes going above and beyond for clients on a daily basis from submitting income reviews to speaking with underwriters.

Kari and David pride themselves on a strong work ethic, dedication and organization. These two mortgage professionals step up and do whatever it takes to provide a great experience for their clients and real estate agents.